Public offering in Belgium of bonds for an expected amount of minimum € 175 million and maximum of € 225 million

05. 09. 2018

These Bonds constitute debt instruments. An investment in the Bonds involves risks. Before making any investment decision the investors must read the Prospectus in its entirety and more particularly the section Risk Factors (please see page 18 and following (Part I: Summary) and page 31 and following (Part II: Risk Factors)). By subscribing to the Bonds, investors lend money to the Issuer who undertakes to pay interest on an annual basis and to reimburse the principal on the Maturity Date. In case of bankruptcy or default by the Issuer, however, investors may not recover the amounts they are entitled to and risk losing all or a part of their investment. These Bonds are intended for investors who are capable of evaluating the interest rates in light of their knowledge and financial experience and who should, if required, obtain professional advice. Each decision to invest in these Bonds must be based solely on the information contained in this Prospectus (including the section Risk Factors) and more generally Factors that may affect the Issuer’s ability to fulfil its obligations under the Bonds and Factors which are material for the purpose of assessing the market risks associated with the Bonds.

VGP NV announces that it makes a public offer in Belgium of retail bonds due 19 March 2026 for an expected amount of minimum € 175 million and maximum € 225 million.

The fixed rate of the bonds is 3.50% (gross) per year. The net yield equals 2.304% per year. The bonds will be governed by Belgian law.

The bonds will be issued in denomination of € 1,000. Hence, the minimum subscription amount is equal to € 1,000. Retail investors will be charged a subscription commission of 1% per bond. The subscription period runs from 7 September 2018 until and including 12 September 2018, subject to early closing. Early closing of the subscription period is possible at the earliest on 7 September 2018 at 5:30 pm. Retail investors are encouraged to subscribe to the bonds on the first day of the subscription period, before 5:30 pm. Bonds for an aggregate nominal amount of maximum € 50 million will be reserved for retail investors subscribing through KBC Bank NV (including CBC Banque SA and KBC Securities NV). In case of over-subscription, these subscriptions will be reduced proportionally taking into consideration the maximum amount of € 50 million. If the expected aggregate nominal amount of the bonds of € 225 million is reached, a nominal amount of minimum € 175 million will be reserved for Qualified Investors.

The issue date is planned on 19 September 2018. Application has been made for the bonds to be listed on the regulated market Euronext Brussels and to be admitted to trading on the regulated market of Euronext Brussels.

KBC Bank NV will act as sole manager and bookrunner for this issuance.

A full prospectus detailing the transaction and its terms, drawn up in Dutch and English, as well as a French translation of the summary of such prospectus, can be obtained free of charge as from 5 September 2018 (before opening of the stock exchange) from VGP NV’s head office, and may be consulted as from 5 September 2018 on the VGP NV website (http://www.vgpparks.eu/investors/en/bonds) and in each branch of KBC Bank or CBC Banque, Bolero (www.bolero.be/nl/vgp), via the Regional Advice Centres and on the website (www.kbc.be/vgp).
The net proceeds of the bonds, which are expected to amount to more or less € 223,100,000 for an aggregate nominal amount of € 225 million, are intended to be used for the repayment of all or part of the outstanding debt of VGP NV under the € 75 million fixed rate bonds on their maturity date, i.e. 6 December 2018, in an amount of € 75 million. The remaining balance will be used for the acquisition of development land in the existing and new markets i.e. the Netherlands and Italy (in total € 80 million) and to further finance the development of new projects on development land for the remaining € 68.1 million. VGP NV expects that the application of the funds towards the aforementioned expansion and development plans will be made within a period of 12 to 18 months following the issuance of the bonds, to the extent market conditions are not unfavourable.