Disclosure in accordance with the Law of 2 May 2007: Transparency law

27. 04. 2017

Transparency declaration by Mr Bart Van Malderen

VGP NV has received a transparency notification dated 26 April 2017 that Bart Van Malderen now holds, c.q. controls, by virtue of his appointment as managing partner of VGP MISV Comm. VA, 48.03% of the voting rights of the company. Therefore, the threshold of 45% was crossed.

The notification dated 26 April 2017 contains following information:

  • Reason for notification: 
    Acquisition or disposal of the control of an entity that holds a participating interest in the issuer.
  • Notification by:
    A parent undertaking or a controlling person.
  • Persons subject to the notification requirement:
    Bart Van Malderen; Spinnerijstraat 12, 9240 Zele.
    VM Invest NV, Spinnerijstraat 12, 9240 Zele
    VGP MISV Comm. VA, Spinnerijstraat 12, 9240 Zele.
  • Date on which the threshold is crossed:
    24 April 2017.
  • Threshold that is crossed:
  • Denominator:


 ShareholderPrevious notificationsAfter the transaction

Numberof voting rights

numberof voting rights

% of voting rights

Bart Van Malderen 3,545,250 3,545,250 19.08%
VM Invest NV 4,451,668 4,451,668 23.96%
Comm. VA VGP MISV 929,153 929,153 5.00%
Total 8,926,071 8,926,071 48.03%
  • Chain of controlled undertakings through which the holding is effectively held, if applicable: VM Invest NV is controlled by Mr Bart Van Malderen. Mr Bart van Malderen as managing partner of VGP MISV Comm. VA has exclusive control over VGP MISV Comm. VA.

  • Additional information: VGP MISV Comm. VA holds 5% of the shares in VGP NV which relate to an incentive program for the management of VGP NV. MISV stands for Management Incentive Scheme Vehicle. By working with a “Partnership limited by shares (“Commanditaire vennootschap op aandelen”), the economic rights of the VGP shares (of which the VGP team members are the beneficiaries) have been disconnected from the control rights exercised by the manager partner. Mr. Bart Van Malderen is the only managing partner of the Comm. VA. In application of article 11 of the Companies Code, Mr Bart Van Malderen has therefore exclusive control over VGP MISV Comm. VA. Consequently, the 929,153 shares (5%) held by VGP MISV Comm. VA are to be added to the shares controlled by Bart Van Malderen.