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Bart Van Malderen considers reducing his shareholding in VGP NV

30. 08. 2017

The Board of Directors of VGP NV (“VGP” or the “Company”), the developer, manager and owner of high quality real estate in Europe, has been informed that Bart Van Malderen, currently the largest shareholder of VGP, with a total shareholding of 43% (via VM Invest NV and in individual capacity), is considering a reduction of his shareholding in VGP through a secondary public offering of existing ordinary shares (the “Offering”). VGP would not be issuing new ordinary shares and would not be receiving any proceeds from the Offering.

Bart Van Malderen is a historic investor in the Company and has supported it since its initial start-up phase. Now, 10 years after the Company's stock market listing, he believes, that the Company has reached the critical size to broaden its investor base in Belgium and internationally. This Offering will also allow VGP to significantly improve the liquidity of its shares and diversify its institutional and retail shareholder base. Prior to the Offering, the Company’s free float is 10.14%.

Following the Offering, Bart Van Malderen will continue to hold a significant stake in VGP and serve on the board as a director.

The Board of Directors of VGP has also been informed that Jan Van Geet (owner currently of 38% of VGP via Little Rock SA and Alsgard SA), also intends to divest a small part of his shareholding, but will continue to hold more than 30% of VGP after the Offering and will remain CEO of VGP, a position he has held since the founding of the Company.

At this stage, VGP understands that no final decision to proceed with the Offering has been made. Such decision will depend on a number of factors, including a favourable capital markets environment. There can consequently be no assurance as to if, when or on what conditions Bart Van Malderen, VM Invest NV and Little Rock SA will offer part of their respective shareholding in VGP.

The shares of VGP are listed and publicly traded on the regulated market of Euronext Brussels and on the Main Market of the Prague Stock Exchange.


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